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Characteristics of ECDC Curriculum
The mission of ECDC is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that will stimulate students to learn and develop responsibility during their introduction to formal education. Developmentally appropriate early learning experiences are a vital ingredient for success in future education settings while developing a love for lifelong learning.

1. Utilizes the “whole child” approach incorporating activities that teach to the multiple learning intelligences to address all learning styles.

2. Focuses on language development, literacy-phonemic awareness, number concepts and math readiness.

3. Offers a literature-rich environment with thematic units of instruction as a foundation for lesson preparation. Houses an early childhood resource library to support appropriate early childhood curriculum for the benefit of teachers and students across the district.

4. Incorporates technology with computers in every classroom and participation in the Waterford Early Reading Program.

5. Offers a Character Education Program to help children identify and apply positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, honesty, self-discipline, generosity, friendship, cooperation, and self control.

6. Provides Motor Room facility and outdoor playground for the development of large motor skills and social skills as part of the total growth process in every child.
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